The Shibori ScarfThe Shibori Scarf
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The Shibori Scarf

₱1,160 ₱2,899
The Lace Bralette in CrimsonThe Lace Bralette in Crimson
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The Lace Bralette in Crimson

₱1,440 ₱3,599
The Braided Belt
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The Braided Belt

₱200 ₱499
The Lace Bralette in OnyxThe Lace Bralette in Onyx
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The Lace Bralette in Onyx

₱1,440 ₱3,599
The Lace Bralette in FeelThe Lace Bralette in Feel
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The Lace Bralette in Feel

₱1,440 ₱3,599
The Oversized Tee in WhiteThe Oversized Tee in White
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The Oversized Tee in White

₱1,520 ₱3,799
The Lace Bralette Set of Two in OnyxThe Lace Bralette Set of Two in Onyx
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The Befores VIII, 2018

The Befores VIII, 2018


Crafted by artist Lilianna Manahan, this is her second series of an ongoing concept of creation suspended in time; in between the command to “let there be light” and life taking its actual form. The Befores show the preciousness of it all. These table top sculptures feature the crafts of wood carving, traditional water gilding and basic metal smithing.

Height 37cm Width 8cm Depth 6cm

Material Composition
22 Carat Gold Leaf
24 Carat Gold Plated Silver Parts
Freshwater Baroque Pearl
Kamagong Wood
Burl Wood


For the home

EJ Espiritu of Cornerstone Pottery continues to breathe new life into the art of pottery through the marriage of traditional techniques and intentional designs that break the mould. Championing craftsmanship and the art of slowness, no two pieces are identical as each is glazed by hand by EJ and his team — leaving an artisanal and human imprint.

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Freeform Bronze Bowl

Freeform Bronze Bowl


Breathing new life into the art of pottery through the marriage of traditional techniques and thoughtful designs this ceramic Freeform Bronze Bowl by EJ Espiritu, handmade with its bronze glaze finish, is the perfect statement piece for the home. Custom orders are accepted and are produced within an approximate 4-week production timeline.


Base Length: 58cm
Base Width: 32cm

Total Length: 86cm
Total Width: 38cm

Depth: 15cm