A Study on Motion A Study on Motion

A Study on Motion

A Study on Motion A Study on Motion


A Study
on Motion.


How does one define the in-betweens of motion?

Every journey starts with a why. For us, it’s to bring collaboration to the fore.

Through this merging of minds, we highlight what is most important to us — unity, diversity and cultivating a space to celebrate both the dichotomies and similarities present in the art of collaboration.

‘An introduction, typically by a person other than the author’. At Foreword, we put collaboration defined by the voices of others first.

This editorial collaboration comes in the form of Photographer x Dancer. Colin Dancel x Madge Reyes. Tasked to create a story inspired by the haptic responses inspired by our Bagasáo collection and the configurable arborist rope, we bring you Motion.


Movement, when shot in great detail, unfolds a narrative that’s grounded on the core principles of the action, but also makes a case for a completely new experience altogether. How does one define the in-betweens of motion? Making sense of the speed, the stillness, the focus, and the lack thereof. The irony of feeling more by seeing less, and vice versa.

Photographer: Colin Dancel
Dancer: Madge Reyes
Production: Tin Sartorio