Portrait Series


To celebrate the collaboration and the launch of THE FORE x PRANCA, we highlight those that should be brought to the fore through a series of portrait collaborations with photographers from New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Milan and those they consider the 'true influencers”. 

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Mirja Zentgraf
Berlin, Germany

"I choose my wonderful friend, Gerti Heinrich who is a fashion designer, because she has always been trying to question convenience by creating completely new shapes for her designs. Maybe it is due to her synaesthesia that she approaches the creative process with her own twist."

"I feel the most creative when I’m in motion (preferably in nature somewhere). As long as my thoughts can run free without any daily life anxieties, I can be inspired by a painting, a colour, a fabric moving in the wind or an object creating a shadow."

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Sara Mautone
Milan, Italy

“Giulia and I have a long story together. She was the very first “model” I shot back in the days and now after 10 years she became an amazing graphic designer and we are working together on a magazine that we will open soon.” 

"She was my very first model when I was 18 and still didn’t do photography as profession, and so she helped me a lot in that time to translate my feeling into the first images."

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Christina Emilie
New York, USA

“I've decided to photograph a self-portrait.  I am in my Saturn Return and have been diving deep into who I am the past year.  Shedding so many layers, identities, and old stories is a beautifully difficult journey.  My idea is to have an artist line draw her interpretation of my energy through face painting.”

"My innovation has always been led by intuition. If you’re familiar with astrology, my Saturn is in Return. It’s taken me until now to identify the power of intuition and living your truth by experiencing some of the most complicated past few years of my life. As I innovated ways to return back to intuition, I realize the power of positive vibrations and have always lead with this form of energy. I’ve rediscovered the strength of simplicity."

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