For today's empowered women.

We believe today's multi-disciplinarian women should be enabled to do more and achieve everything she dreams of. We help her do that by working with our network of artists, design partners and responsible suppliers all around the world to bring her the best in art & design.

Welcome to The Fore.

We are a design company that aims to enable the women of today, with more access to great design, made responsibly from around the world. We have built a vast network of design partners and suppliers creating products that serve and empower the informed, multi-disciplinarian and entrepreneurial women to look, feel and be their best, so they have more time for building their careers, nurturing their families, exploring the world and living their best damn lives.

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x Pranca

Designed for the ultimate go-getter, we built our latest collection with the ambitious, eco-conscious women of today. Created with our design partner, x Pranca, this collection is made with 14k upcycled gold by goldsmiths who are celebrated as artists receiving benefits that most professionals enjoy - allowances, leaves, healthcare and apprenticeships. Our Baroque pearls, once seen as rejects for those who sought after round pearls, form the core of our collection, inspired directly by the unconventional, bold and unique women who wear them.

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