A Series of Creative

By creatives, for creatives. We are disrupting the fashion industry, highlighting what is important to our customers— unity and diversity, purpose and advocacy — cultivating a retail platform to celebrate both the dichotomies and similarities present in the art of collaboration.

Welcome to The Fore.



Deeply rooted in the global fashion industry, herself a creative, Kim Jones has increasingly focused her efforts on bringing the talents of independent creatives to the forefront. With access to the artistry of independent talents from all over the world and the growing demand for a platform that shares those talents to the ever-growing number of creative consumers, Jones and her team of creatives launched THE FORE in May 2018, a digitally native platform highlighting the fashion and design game-changers pushing the boundaries of fashion outside fast fashion and luxury retailers.

The Fore aims to connect its customer — constantly searching for something original and new, purchasing with purpose — with that of independent talent all over the world. Each collaboration is different, offering limitless possibilities through ever-evolving interpretations of art and design. We also dedicate ourselves to building a community of men and women who we’re dubbing the ‘True Influencers’, building a community of established and budding creatives.