Our Story

We believe in the power of change through collaboration. Every collection available at THE FORE is created in partnership with artists, designers, innovators, manufacturers and entrepreneurs from around the globe.

Through collaboration we bring the best in thoughtful design, made responsibly to the fore.

Launched in 2018 THE FORE had one goal in mind; to showcase the limitless power of collaboration. Kim Jones, the founder and creative director believed in harnessing that power and channeling it into thoughtful, intentional design and ultimately positive social, economical, cultural and environmental impact.

Jones created THE FORE to join and serve the ever-growing community of like-minded, thoughtful individuals who believe that design can be used to champion responsible practices throughout the supply chain and far beyond it.

It has always been a place for education, inspiration and collaboration; some of the most inspiring experts who have advised us have shaped the company into what it is today. THE FORE has since become a place where reader and customer alike can continue to evolve their (and our) understanding of how to navigate and improve the evolving retail space.


Our company is founded on the following four pillars:


We are committed to discovering the best practices in order to propel the Philippines forward as a responsible design leader.


We are constantly learning from our design partners, suppliers and our customers. This pursuit of knowledge enables us to source the best practices and ideas to continue to evolve with you.


We are leaders in design. Our community allows us to act as purveyors, ultimately integrating our exposure in a global industry into our supply chains, providing the best in responsible design.


We are committed to progress over perfection. Constant learning with our partners in a rapidly changing global industry is one of our strongest core values.



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      / EAIRTH


Handmade + hand-dyed. The entire dyeing process is artisanal and analogue. We immerse each piece in a hand-stirred vat of natural pigment. The Talisay leaf is employed in a variety of uses, from medicinal, antibacterial, anti-fungal and more. In our case, the leaf is boiled in water and used to create our earthy onyx and coal hues.

"The ethos of EAIRTH and the work we do is mipmapping my pure love for naturalism. grounded in archival techniques and stylised in a way that makes the work relevant today."


Designed for the ultimate go-getter, we built our latest collection with the ambitious, eco-conscious women of today. Created with our design partner, x Pranca, this collection is made with 14k upcycled gold by goldsmiths who are celebrated as artists receiving benefits that most professionals enjoy - allowances, leaves, healthcare and apprenticeships. Our Baroque pearls, once seen as rejects for those who sought after round pearls, form the core of our collection, inspired directly by the unconventional, bold and unique women who wear them.