Inspired by Edgar Degas’ series “After the Bath” and the beckoning of the natural landscape, our first ready-to-wear collection is a celebration of the motions of today’s modern men and women.


THE FORE / EAIRTH brings the artisanal process of using natural dyes to the fore. Our design partner Vivien Ramsay employs locals from different provinces to forage the jungle for resources such as Talisay leaves, Madder and Alkanet roots endemic to the Philippines, which are turned into pigments that make the dye for this collaboration. Each piece from the collection is hand-dyed, oftentimes even by Vivien herself. The Onyx, Coal, and Crimson hues created are sensitive to light and body temperature, but add dimension with every wear. Our collaborator puts it best: as each piece matures, the more beautiful it becomes.



LAUNCHING AUGUST 19 [10:00 GMT / 06:00 PM MNL / 06:00 AM NYC]


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