The Linen Collection champions ethical design, biodegradeable materials, fair living wages (based on the Asia Floor Wage Alliance) and radical transparency — values we share with our collaborator TelaStory, the factory that produced this collection. We worked with TelaStory's founder Hannah Neumann to create a dialogue on the state of the manufacturing sector and to build a collection that maps out the new standard for ethical design and garment creation. The textile used in this collaboration is Oeko-Tex certified. The fibers and dyes have been laboratory tested and are held to the highest standard for safety and impact on human health for both consumers and the supply chain.

Each garment is cut and sewn by one seamstress from start to finish, making the production process more varied and dignifying for our seamstresses and allowing them a sense ownership, pride and accomplishment. All excess fabric is repurposed for other items, ensuring zero waste as much as possible. We at The Fore believe in working with small businesses who share the same values in order to create positive impact within the fashion industry, and at the same time, enable them to support their invaluable workforce with competitive salaries beyond the minimum wage standards.