Our collaboration with Pranca reflects our core values — ethical design, transparency and social responsibility. Our demi-fine jewelry collection is crafted with 14-karat upcycled gold sourced from a local facility that specializes in repurifying gold jewelry. Mercury was not used throughout the process. This collection champions South Sea keshi pearls because of the unique nature that gives each piece its own character. Pranca's small team of experienced goldsmiths meticulously brought our designs to life in small batches, most of which were created by hand. The Fore believes in supporting businesses such as Pranca and its mother company JMA Jewelry who have cultivated the craft and their artisans for the past 23 years through fair trade and labor. All their goldsmiths, some of which have been with the company since its inception, are regularized complete with benefits such as transportation allowances, leaves, performance bonuses and healthcare — a stark contrast to the industry standard of earning per completed piece. They have also opened goldsmith apprenticeships to interested individuals, particularly from the younger generation, in order to keep this traditional craft alive.